Course Maps

Swim – Bike – Run Course

The BecTri is a Sprint Triathlon, consisting of a 400m swim in the beautiful high-altitude Nottingham Lake, a 15K road bike, followed by a fast 5K run on paved recreation paths.

Course maps are also available on Strava by following these links:

Bike Course-
Run Course-

The 2018 BecTri Sprint Triathlon starts in Harry A. Nottingham Park in Avon, Colorado with a 400m swim. Wet suits are not required, but are recommended.

Swim Course


The 15 km bike leg takes off from the transition area at the east end of Nottingham Park near Lake Street, continues north on Lake Street to Beaver Creek Blvd turns left to head west on Beaver Creek Blvd until riders reach Highway 6 and turn right to head west again. The bike route then circles through the Singletree neighborhood on Berry Creek Road, Winslow Road and Singletree Drive. Racers ride back on Highway 6 and turn onto Lake street to return to the transition area. (A course map appears below.)

Bike Course copy

Transition from your bike and finish with a fast 5K run or walk that leaves Nottingham Park to the Southeast along Riverfront Lane to the recreation path. Runners then head west along the river to Beaver Creek Blvd and back to the park. The run course map is pictured below. Finish in the park while friends and family cheer you along.

Run Course copy


The 5K walk/run will follow the same route as the 5K triathlon course above. The 5K begins at 8:30 am.